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extra cheese, please
09:47 p.m.
I was someone's crush today.

Some sweet someone sent me an anonymous e-mail praising my site and and generally making me feel all squishy.

But like a mysterious knight on a big bucking horse, I'll never know his name.

need to know basis
08:04 p.m.
Thanks to memepool I found this. Memepool, more than just a breakfast cereal.

I got sent home from work early tonight because the pretty weather we had kept people from eating out. Good and bad news.

Good news is I get to watch Olivier, Olivier, the movie we screened in my Film Theory class last week tonight, as opposed to tomorrow when I could be sleeping.

Bad news is I'm still broke to the bone.

Guess my new computer will have to wait even longer...

I talked to an old friend for the first time in a long while yesterday. It was nice. Nice to catch up.

But I have felt all nervous and weird though ever since.


I think that is all I have to say about that.

01:42 p.m.
Exactly 30 seconds after my last post, someone called from work to see if I wanted the day off. And I did. So now I do.

Which is a good thing, because I forgot to mention my frightening encounter last night.

The boy's roommate is a nutjob who wants to move out into the forest with his woman (perhaps dragging her by the hair), build a log cabin (using only natural resources, mind you) and live off the land forsaking all modern technology.

But for now he lives in Murfreesboro, with the boy and owns many pets. You know, 'cause they're beasts of the wild.

He has three cats. There's Lil' Bit, the whiny, small girl cat who has really cute chubby cheeks. There's Beastie, who is black and eats all the time. Then there's Friend (a.k.a. Bastard), the Russian Blue. I renamed him Friend because Bastard was such a poor description of this cat. He has the most gentle temperment, striking Egyptian good looks and a funny meow that I hear too seldom.

The nutjob roommate also has two huge dogs--a big white sheep dog type thing, named China and an English Mastiff with a skin problem called Samson.

Last night, after much drinking I came back to the boy's place and decided to pet Samson--which I never do unless he comes to me first. I petted his head for a minute or two when the boy asked if I wanted to hear his new techno record. I shouted "YEAH!" and proceeded petting the big stinky beast.

You guessed it, he bit me. Hard. On the thumb.

I let out a soul-shattering scream and ran as fast as my short legs would carry me into the bedroom holding my hand and hyperventalating.

I had never been bitten by a dog before and never by one the size of a small pony.

Samson got a spanking, which I felt bad about, and was put out for the evening. And I came away with bloody teeth marks and a seriously bruised left thumb.

I'm lucky though, I didn't come away with a bloody stump.

Winnie tha Pimp
12:46 p.m.
I got up today all set to do homework before going to work but there are just so many distractions. My Jane came today. I had to hide it from myself.

I found Neil Gaiman's online journal [via Metafilter]. Gaiman blogs; life is complete.

I'll be attending my first rave this Friday in Chattanooga, TN. It is called Winnie tha Pimp. Winnie tha Pimp--gotta love it.
I think I'm gonna wear this, which came in the mail today along with the magazine.

Too much homework to pontificate about who will win Best Actress today...I know you're crushed.

Icelandic elves rock!
04:09 p.m.
So we are all well aware of the Oscar nominations and how sterile and predictable the announcements were. But for the love of all that is holy, how could they shun Bjork so? This woman OWNED the best performance of last year--no question. She also should have been nominated for her so-moving-you-grasp-the-chair score as well.

AICN has a story on Bjork's upcoming performance at the ceremony (she was nominated for Best Song). Be sure to check out the Quicktime video there of a 1 minute interview for MTV2. If even just to hear her say 'frock.'

I'm not one who's afraid to jump on the bandwagon, so here's my take on th 73rd Annual Academy Awards:

Best Picture

I admit it, I haven't seen Chocolat, yet, so I'll leave that Miramax lobbied movie out of this. Besides, there is no way this cavity-sweet romance will pick up the big award anyhow.
Traffic and Erin Brockovich will fall away losers due to split votes for their director, Steven Soderberg. Shame too, they are both better than...
Gladiator, which, while a very good action flick, is ruined by poor acting and stilted dialogue.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon painted a picture with every frame and drove audiences to theatre to (gasp!) read a film (Mandarin Chinese--subtitled).

Will win:Gladiator, by default.
Should win:Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Stay tuned for my humble opinion on other catergories in the days to come.
Next time on misc.etc.:Best Actress--will Ellen Burnstyn be shut out because of her on-screen booty bumpin'? Or will Julia walk away with it all teeth and gums?

i crush you
Thursday, March 8, 2001
12:02 a.m.
I have this thing about crushes. I get them as often as the mail. I get crushes on boys and books and web sites and laughs and movie stars. My first big crush was on Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years. I was in the 7th grade and wallpapered my locker with his likeness. I hated that wench Winnie Cooper.

Other notable crushes include:

Adam Duritz--his snap-your-heart voice and dreadlocks make me quiver
Paul Reiser--I like the way he talks with his hands and how he wears his pants really high.
David Duchovny--it is all in the voice, baby. And that mouth that wouldn't quit.
Special Agent Dale Cooper--not Kyle MacLachlan, Dale Cooper

I, of course, have a major crush on the boy, but innocent other crushes I keep around just for the thrill of it.

My most recent crush is on my film professor. I just think he's so darned neat. He has two brains when it comes to movies and his wit is so sardonic and dry and...funny. He draws little smiley faces on my papers when I've written something he finds pleasing. How cute is that?

Last night the boy and I went to BoBo's Chinese Restaurant, a slow traffic place with great specials and a scale in the lobby (to weigh your fat self on). Seated directly in front of me was a paty on 8, all English department faculty I'd had at one time or another.
I ducked into the booth.

The smiley-face film scholar was there and we made eyes. (Okay, not made eyes, but held a glance)

I spent the rest of the evening virutally ignoring the boy and eavesdropping on the literary roundtable.

They proceeded to talk about their favorite pizza and ice cream and wear to find good hiking gear. Oh yeah, and there was a brief discussion of Hooters.

Not exactly the "it was the worst of times" discussion I had hoped for.

Oh well, now I can ask him how his Moo Moo Gai Pan was on Monday. That'll do.

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