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April Fools?
09:31 p.m.
I can only hope that this is a joke.

she's got a headache
08:55 p.m.
Are you there?
Yes, I am.

Busy? Very. Very Busy.

Working on new (and oh so exciting) project.

A piece of a conversation:

Her: And the saddest thing is, she said when I graduated from college, she would take me to a dude ranch-- just me and her.

Me: *uproarious laughter*

Her: Shut up, I still wanna go; dude ranches are cool.

if you aren't shaken, you aren't human
Sunday, March 25, 2001
03:06 p.m.
I urge you all to see this movie. It is on DVD now, so go rent it. Or better yet buy it, you'll save money that way in the long run.

See the trailer: here.

I'm such a tool for the movie industry
01:53 p.m.
Tonight's the big night. You can't tell it, but I'm stoked. Really super excited.

I paid this guy E.B. (short for Everette something, but I just call him Eye Boogers) $20 to work for me tonight. You see, at work some patron or waitress who wants to see what J-Lo is wearing will want to watch the ceremony on t.v. at the bar. This would, for me, be like seeing the scores of every game you'd taped that night to see later. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my Super Bowl (with sub-par commericals).

So, I'm off today, counting the minutes until the pre-show starts...but my little crap television doesn't pick up ABC.

So me and my friend Justin are going to watch them, at his place. He likes movies too, so it should be a fun time.

Better be, for 20 bucks.

10:50 p.m.
I signed up for e-mail notification for the launching of this site. *jumps around in chair*

for the girl with big brown eyes
08:42 p.m.
For reasons I shan't reveal I've been feeling a little nostalgic lately. I've been remembering lots.

My little sister moved away some time ago to a big Texas city and left me here to fend for myself. I've always underestimated her in the pretentious manner I'm so inescapably good at.

I always thought, and she always agreed, that she'd marry a hometown boy, work and multiply. By work I thought administrative assistant or some other non-degree requiring job.

She never finsihed college but she is working at a law form now, is engaged to a terrific guy and doing it mostly alone in the metropolis. This is the same girl who was afraid to answer the door as a teen. Shy and insecure, she clung to acceptance by her peers. This often left her heartbroken.

My relationship with my little sister--as tumultuous and intense as it has been--will be the longest of my natural life. We were born within 22 months of each other, and at best guess, I will know her the longest. She is for me an alternate memory. She remembers my childhood for me, often quite a varied tale from what I recall. She is the flow to my ebb.

There is a story we often tell, my sister and I (well mostly by'll see). She speaks of the day I ran over her with my bicycle. Maliciously. With intent. And we laugh.

Last week, on the phone, my sister and I once more revisisted this oft told anecdote. Then suddenly, she remembers why. It never occured to us that there was a 'why.'

We were running in fear from the man who lived down the road from our babysitter. He was stinky and freaked us out. It was because he liked to pick us up by the crotch of our shorts.

I wonder if that story will ever be told again. And I wonder how it will unravel. Will she mention the touchy-feely scary man? Or will she pin it on her "mean older sister." Honsetly, I think I would prefer the latter.

Because who doesn't need a laugh?:
07:41 p.m.
I am resurrecting this one from the dead: Fly Delta.

cogenitally absent
05:04 p.m.
I learned today after 23 years that I don't have, and never have had, wisdom teeth. Good for me. Go evolution!

I am grateful beyond the ability to express myself
11:08 p.m.

Could it be?

*crosses fingers and cashes in saved birthday wish*

The Twin Peaks Festival this year looks promising also. They are going to show out-takes and extra footage from the series for the first time ever. Alas, I am just a poor college student and cannot afford a trek to Seattle--even if they do have a Wrapped in Plastic Photo Shoot (you provide the camera, they take you to the shore and bring the plastic).

I was checking out Rachel's site and she had a link to The Twin Peaks Gazette. It is a fantastic and comprehensive TP site that keeps the spirit of the quirky little town alive and well. And it has a very attractive design as well.

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