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Saturday, May 12, 2001
12:55 p.m.
Behold: the internet-only trailer for Kevin Smith's final installment of his Jersey series is here.
It looks to me to be a pretty funny movie but a subpar trailer. It doesn't say anything about the plot, but strings together jokes and introduces the enormous cast. More later.

Dream Theater?
Friday, May 11, 2001
10:01 p.m.
Apparently someone has been secretly using my computer to browse for music from progressive bands at "My page" recommends the definitive progressive metal albums list...for me?
Anyone who knows me agrees that I think that genre of music is, to say the least, abrasive. Funny though, the coincidence, because looks like avant garde rock pioneer Adrian Belew is playing on Tori Amos' new album.

Also, it's frightful that upon learning of Tori's upcoming new work that I simply grinned. A grin?? My how things have changed.

little blue bottle
02:11 p.m.
Call me crazy, but I have an irresistable urge to splurge on this. Don't ask me why. I'm a little concerned myself.

You see, it's just that she liked it a whole bunch. She made her experience sound

And I completely believe in the power of a placebo, especially for impressionable minds like mine.

The only deterant is...the boy thinks it's silly. Really silly. And expensive. And perhaps he is right.

(Am I a total scab if I can't help but think I'd like to swill a couple of bottles with an ex of mine? Yes, I think so.)

up to my eyeballs
01:13 p.m.
It's finals time ladies and gents. I've pried myself away from my studies long enough to shower myself and update this page.

Matt has been busy with his new site and I must say it looks just fantastic. Matt has the distinct pleasure of working with me at Outback Steakhouse. He's not a bad waiter either.

Hmm, would ya look at that, I've been borrowed. I'm not entirely sure how this works. My guess is it pulls random entries from various webpages automatically. Too bad it pulled my post about wrestling. I'd like to be defined as a little more refined.

On that same note, Smackdown was indeed fun, and for all of you who tuned in, you are well aware that while our signs made it on t.v., our faces did not. I can, however, rest assured in the fact that Eddie Guerrero saw my Latino Mullet sign. The only thing better were if he cut his mullet off horrified that his haircut had a name.

Smackdown and the rest
03:14 p.m.
Tonight I am going to Smackdown. That's right, WWF Smackdown. I have fourth row seats and two signs, and I will be on teevee. Just you watch (Thursdays at 8/7 central on UPN ). I'll be holdong a sign that says "Latino Mullet" and "Last Night We 3Ded Your Mom." If you don't get it, just look for the chick with the auburn hair, row 4. If you do get it: aren't those great signs? :)

It is almost three weeks unitl the end of the semester. Then there's session 2 in summer school. Then I'm finished. And I am so stressed out about getting all of my assignments finished and in good shape (I have to pass to graduate, you see), that I contemplated quitting last night. Just throwing up my hands and being all done with it.

Then I called my sister and cried to her about all my soul-shattering problems and she laughed at me. And that made it all better.

simply fantastic...
10:54 p.m.
This Salon article, entitled "Faith in the Baby" is one of the most poignant and touching things I've read in some time. And brave, too.

beer and birthday
01:56 a.m.
Today (technically yesterday--I've yet to sleep) was the boy's 24th birthday. He is a fine beer fiend to we had pizza and microbrews at Bosco's. After that we went to The Flying Saucer. They have over 250 beers in bottle and on draught. The boy had three: Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, Sierra Nevada Celebration, and a monk brewed ale that is nine bucks and too hard to pronounce. The boy enjoyed them, as well as the girl waiters that wore short, plaid, Catholic school style skirts. That is all I want to say about that.

I was very tired and grouchy. I don't like beer so much. We watched Kramer vs. Kramer today in film class. I cried through the whole thing.

Tomorrow starts the first day back from spring break. yee-haw.

I found this today. I laughed when I read what others had to say about it. Actually, I snorted.

I said I'd be in bed by 2. It's 2:06.


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