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01:05 a.m.
I took a trip to Houston to visit my sister (pictures soon to follow), and it was a super relaxing little trip. I got to spend some quality time with lil sis while she's still Amy Gilbert, Brittney's sister, not Amy Johnson, Mark's wife.

While away, torrential Tenessee downpours (more specifically: lightning) laid to rest a legend--my old computer. She's been driven and upgraded and put to the test and she came through like a champ. However, she lies in dismembered pieces beside me next to her fill-in.

My new computer is not as friendly and loyal as my last. Her slots are tight and she doesn't even have the decency to offer a reset button. The horror.

Still, she does have 4 glorious USB ports (two in front and two in back) just waiting to be filled by peripherals of my choice. That is something the old gal couldn't quite do. And did I mention the 20 gig hard drive? But, I digress.

Due to the death of my nearest companion I had an involuntary 2 week break from the internet. It was maddening and cathartic and painful and liberating. Basically, a rebirth of sorts. The urge to check my e-mail eventually went away, but I never got over the absence of information. Right there at my fingertips. Gone. I felt lost and scared. I didn't know what was going on around me or my place in it.

Now I'm back and I don't know where to start. My original hard drive was hit as well, so there may or may *not* be any access to its contents. Pictures and papers and designs and songs and my ENTIRE life was on there. What one might call a big fucking deal.

However, karma was with me in that I had recently purchased a new computer. And this is it. Sure, I can't change the resolution on my 19" monitor and everything looks like My First PC by Playskool--but I've relearned why I fell in love with the internet in the first place. Making connections. With people and ideas and all that fully drives me.

So, thanks Keith. And I promise, that e-mail will be heading your way soon. Zeus willing.

Happy Birthday, Mom.
03:27 p.m.
I forgot to call my mom on her birthday Sunday. My sister called to tell me this on Monday evening. My mom beeped in two minutes after Amy called. It made me feel like shit.

I don't know how I could've forgotten. (Actually, yes I could, I've been working a lot of days lately in order to afford my trip to Houston and simply didn't know what the date was. But that is no justifiable excuse.)

So Mom, although you said you understood and that it didn't bother you, I know you were hurt. I'm sorry and Happy Birthday. I love you.

On a cheerier note (Is 'cheerier' a word? If not, it should be.), I saved over $500 on plane tickets yesterday thanks to Southwest Airlines. I got a 2-day internet-only special to Houston for $142. I then booked a flight for two into Oakland, CA for a measley $99 each way, totaling less than $430 for round trip tickets to the West Coast.

God Bless the internet and Southwest, the ghetto airliner of the skies.

I finally found a webpage for CyberFest2001, the huge outdoor rave we'll be going to. Looks to be a treat! Even carnival rides!

this one's for Josh
01:49 p.m.
This is how this webpage would look to someone who has deuteranope (a from of red/green color defecit, or colorblindness).

Apparently, there is an official Twin Peaks Pilot DVD. Here is a review and info on its legitimacy. There are two for bid on Ebay currently in the $55 range.
*proceeds to salivate and damn her consistent lack of funds*

Reason for this week's lack of funds: My new computer that arrived today. I'm freakin' ecstatic.

Also, just added two new links to the daily reading list. is an inspirational and exceptionally beautiful site featuring superb writing and even better photography. My favorite photo.
Also added Fiona Elise: Diary of a Toddler. Extra special goodness.

there is no band here
03:15 p.m.
One of the fine members of the Twin Peaks Gazette message board has comprised a teaser trailer for David Lynch's Mulholland Drive.

I've seen it 12 times now--it is my turn to share.

how to fake your life and death online
02:56 p.m.
There once was a girl named Kaycee Nicole who had an online journal that chronicled her life with leukemia. She had many, many friends that she met on the Net--some with whom she spoke via telephone.

Kaycee, 19, died from the cancer she had been battling for so long.

Except that Kaycee didn't die--she never even existed.

The following links will provide you with everything from an overview to the nitty-gritty details of the blogging community's first big hoax. Read how one woman conned the web elite by pretending to be someone she's not--and who never was.

Kaycee Nicole Hoax: Links

Yahoo's Kaycee section under Urban Legends.

summer lovin'
12:53 p.m.
Folks, I am not ashamed to admit it--I am absolutely enjoying my summer break. As not so many of you are aware, I postponed my graduation until December in order to take full advantage of these next three months. After that, it may be 7 a.m. alarms for the rest of my existence.

Oh the wonderful things I have planned:

1. Make money by participating in surveys that exploit my vices.

2. Master the art of web design. Secure high-paying, stress-free, fun-filled job in field of my choosing.

3. Visit my lovely sister and her equally lovely fiance at their residence in Houston, TX. (July 4-8)

4. Attend one of two massive raves in California (JuJuBeats or Cyberfest2001). The boy and I will stay for 7 days or more with Aaron, the boy's bestest buddy, in San Fransisco. Here are the boy and his buddy at last year's CyberFest.

5.Get in shape. I'm 23 years old--no excuses.

6. Find house to rent with an extra room big enough for a pool table. The boy and I will officially be committing adultery in August when we move in together. I can't wait.

And now...other news:

I got an e-mail from a ghost from my past. It is always shocking, isn't it, when people turn up out of the clear blue sky? Just sets you into a mini-whirlwind of emotions. This time I discovered that there are people I used to know whom I never knew at all...really.

Joy and rapture for David Lynch and his legion of fans: Lynch won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival for Mulholland Drive!


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