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I may have just died and gone to heaven.
03:39 a.m.
My heart is racing after reading this Premiere review of David Lynch's upcoming Mulholland Drive. Hopefully if it is extremely well recieved it will help to convince the distributors of FWWM to include the Lynch-picked extra footage.

My God, am I obsessive.

01:30 a.m.
Someway, somehow I was unaware that Cartoon Network was beginning Adult Swim, cartoons aimed at the 18-35 crowd. And low and behold if they aren't going to show all new episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast! The shows aired tonight (sob, sob, weep, weep) but come on every Sunday and Thursday. Apparently the first guests were Thom Yorke and (lets have a moment of silence, shall we?) Bjork.
Bjork. And Space Ghost. And Zorak. And Brak.

There is also a brand spankin' new series, The Brak Show. There is no real way to describe to the uninitiated what a 30-minute television show centered around Brak might entail. Only experiencing the phenom that is Brak, gives you any indication of his absolute hilarity. So here's Brak on coffee.

*sigh* Sometimes life is too, too sweet.

you said it sister
12:29 p.m.

03:16 a.m.
Just rewatched Memento (thanks to a wonderfully dear pal who gave it to me as a gift--before available in stores, mind you). Funny how a film that's narrative is essentially backwards is difficult to piece together even on the second screening. I was just as, if not more, riveted the second time around because I had more information to work with, yet the information was partially missing and disjointed.
The first go-round I was trying to adjust to the unusual narrative style of this movie for 30 minutes before I finally got the hang of it. I then struggled with learning how not to think in a forward, linear manner--instead tring to discover the truths at the beginning.
This time I felt a stronger connection to Lenny, the protagonist of Memento, the one with "this condition" that keeps him from being able to form new memories. Because I'd seen the film once before (however vague my recollection of it's elements), I had a sense of knowing what was going on without knowing what the hell was going on.

It was terrific to rediscover the mind-bending plot twists in this unforgettable masterpiece. [I, too, can write cut-and-paste blurbs!]

* * *

The not-so-daily picture probably needs a little explanation: I moonlight as a pale-pink teddy bear.

bowled over
12:34 a.m.
TechnoGecko has these stick-up type buttons that say punny things and don't leave a icky film behind when you decide to peel them off your monitor when it's time to upgrade. The use of rollovers at the web site for browsing the products was extremely helpful and quick.
Although they're four dollars, I think I'll get the one that says "Avoid cliches like the plague" because I use cliches like they're going out of style.
The one that said "The ozone layer or cheese in a can. Don't make me choose" made me laugh out loud, but it's a touch dorky.
And finally, the one that reads "In the absence of certainty, trust your intuition" sums up my philosophy in life as of late. I'm gonna get that one too.

Happy Birthday, Muss!
01:51 p.m.
Today's my little sister's birthday. She's 22. Now begins the two months where she is only one year younger than me. (Not really, but you know, in a way.) (What am I talking about?) is no more. Now where am I going to go for my bi-weekly fix of melancholy and mocha? Shoot.

I nearly choked on my biscuit when I read this. With my impending graduation, this is so very, very me.

wanna watch?
08:32 p.m.
The webcam is now, once again, fully operational. Yes, I really *do* look like that in the morning.

back from cali
02:07 p.m.
I'm back and so is Metafilter. I let out a little yelp when I saw it was back online. But I urge you not to go there. I swear to God, it is like crack and you'll still be sitting in your underwear at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday.

So, my life has been a big ball of excitement lately. Enough to make my head swim, for sure.

I visited the land of the eclectic (San Fransisco) and returned highly jealous of their 72-degrees-everyday-having asses. It was a truly fantastic trip. We shopped and drank beer and raved and ate pizza and bought a joke from a homeless man for a mere 25 cents (and a funny joke, at that) and rode the BART (and felt oh, so very Urban). I took fabulous pictures (none of which turned out, thank you very much) and felt like I would never reach the level of hip that surrounded me in San Fransisco.

I finally got around to adding a link (on the right there) to the fantastic local act, Mass Transit. Go, see their page, listen to their rockin' anthems...right after you finish up here. ;)

My next instruction is this: if you in any way give a shit about seeing the deleted scenes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me on the upcoming DVD, then show your love of the absurd by signing up for Operation: Creamed Corn.




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