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01:26 p.m.
yee-haw. i just got my 500th visitor. if you don't count me reloading my page 100 times, that is 400 legitmate hits.
*i'd like to take this moment to thank my friends and family who made it all possible...*

p.s. if you'd like to help this fledgling webmistress increase her traffic, you can vote for her webcam.
please :)

02:26 a.m.
my sentiments exactly. Miss Mop and I are long lost soul mates. See? I just blogged the same thing a few days ago.

09:19 p.m.
boys are funny. i went on my semi-annual 3 mile walk/run just now. during my trek i got 8 catcalls, 3 whistles and 5 honks. go me.
two men swerved their cars in my direction (an attempt to woo me i guess) and several others sped up quickly, revving their engines a la Gone in Sixty Seconds (a piss poor movie, incase you were wondering).
anyhow, what are these boys thinking? that their honking and whistling, will convince me stop my marathon-style running (heh. yeah right) and get into their two-tone Chevy Blazers.
let me reiterate, boys are funny.

07:28 p.m.
as i'm exceptional at stating the obvious, i will tell you i've changed the design of this weblog. so do you like it better? or worse?
i am in need of constant feedback...it is a weakness that resides next to the stating the obvious thing.

04:11 p.m.
i scored a 23% on this quiz. frankly, i'm proud of my score, but ashamed of my participation.

01:02 p.m.
the superstars of the WWF were in the restaurant where i worked last night...and you would have thought Jack Nicholson was dining there.
three overly-huge men walked in and subsequently ordered an ungodly amount of food. all of the sudden the entire dining room is tittering with excitement, and i can't figure out for the life of me why. i return to the kitchen to see the cooks (all men) jumping up and down like 4-year-olds. they are all grabbing for pens hoping to get autographs from these brutes.
it turns out that Triple H (who?), a man by the name of Road Dogg (uh-huh) and one other elbow-dropping maniac, who's name escapes me, were dining in my little town in Tennessee.
their visit came just before closing, and to my astonishment, a crowd of 15 or more people were waiting outside out locked doors for these men to take off.
Have i missed something here?
their poor waitress, Emily, who is a thin and pretty journalism graduate (unlike your truly, who still has another year to go in that dept.), was subjected to their rudeness. they asked her, i shit you not, "do you like to fuck?", and then invited her back to their hotel room to do Ecstacy. she declined, politely i take it, because they left her a very gratuitous $30 tip.

looks as though *anybody* can be famous...

therefore i sent in a submission for my webcam to be featured on Sexiest Cameras on the Internet: GirlCams II: This Time its Personal .
hey, shouldn't i get my shot also? if you think so, e-mail them on my behalf.


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