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gray spot
Thursday, February 7, 2002
11:57 p.m.
Sleep, my gracious and constant companion, tickles my lashes in waiting.

It's been a year now since I recall last nights' dreams,
but only now do I miss them, here in the interim.


Corporate Sucker
02:03 p.m.
IFilm has all the Super Bowl ads aired last night for your re-viewing pleasure.

Be sure to check out the White House's ads that try virulently to guilt viewers into not buying drugs. I'm sure you saw them.
Read what others are saying about it.


From inside the empty hour
04:41 a.m.
It is an ungodly hour. I just got home from a clusterfuck of a Saturday night shift. The torture that was tonight can be summarized into one sentence. I ran a huge section ringing up a total in sales of over $1,300, taking home only $125, and then in the final stretch of my 12-hour headwait shift (read: horribly underpaid secretary) the computer froze, forcing my manager to reboot thereby erasing all of the entries it had already taken me nearly two hours to complete.

That was most likely a run-on sentence, but it is late and I'm allowed. And I'm not bitching about the money--it is more money than many people make in one week--but that's under 10%! You can determine from my tip percentage the caliber of tonight's clientele. Fucking shabby.

I tried to swindle Matt into working my headwait shift, but he had this lame excuse. Something about a birthday.
Happy birthday, Kid. Your gift? A permanent place for directly to the right in daily readings, which may or may not garner you a couple more hits. Hey, it's the thought that counts.

The man, the myth, the Columbian legend (Tennessee, that is) MR2 added me to his daily a pack of cigarettes. I am pretty sure he is unaware that I've recently kicked the habit, because that would be too, too cruel.


We don't need no stinking title!
03:23 p.m.
Perhaps I shouldn't have explicitly instructed people to identify themselves before taking the How Well Do You Know Brittney? quiz. I should have predetermined that anyone whom I know is likely to buck the system, and besides no one ever listens to what I tell them to do anyway. They shouldn't really.

All eight benevolent souls who took the test faired pretty well, with Bill (one of two whom had the balls to state their name :) getting the only 'B.'
Rain Man, otherwise known as the illustrious and elusive Edgeling, pulled a strong 'C,' which is just about right as we aren't exactly close, but peripheral type-friends who are drawn to one another through mutual interests and a shared thirst for the unique and twisted.

As for Someone, nobody and anonymous: You may think you know me, but...I, um...have no idea who you are. So, spill it.

I'm finally getting adjusted to my early morning wake-up calls. I still set my alarm for 7:30 when never once have I put my bare toes on the cold, mean hardwood floors before 8. Some call it 'denial.' I call it holding out hope.
Holding out hope that just one time I'll wipe the sleep from my well-rested eyes and do that stretch thing most everyone on t.v. does and make a fresh cup of coffee and take a hot shower and have a bowl of granola while reading my favorite online news sites. And extra 30 minutes would afford this.

Rather everytime it strikes 7:30 a.m., I maniacally slap the snooze button and begin this sub-human ability to sleep while counting down the next ten minutes in my head. I will usually wake up once or twice before the snooze alarm goes off, and inevitably just *know* that I have 4 (or 2, or 6) minutes left before alarm number two sounds.
Once alarm two indeed goes off, I slap it once more and repeat said process until I hop out of bed at 8 like a startled rabbit with a henious perm.

I then spend the next 30 minutes trying to wrangle my mass of flat and frizzy curls into some passing form of a ponytail. Then it is a fast bath (more like a dunk, really), a quick, but thorough, brushing of the teeth and then its out the door chugging a Slim-Fast shake.

I am lazy and dumb.

I saw In the Bedroom yesterday after work. It was so good, I'm going to save my comments for later.

Here are a couple of photos I took of the sunset on Wednesday:

I like how this shot is sort of off-balance, unstable.

To me it looks somewhat like a lake with mountains behind it--but it is just clouds.

Oh and, it's funny how people, no matter how briefly they are in your life,
can stain you forever.

Tell me all about it

Wednesday, January 30, 2002
01:15 p.m.
Thanks to Jen at Deep Blue Day I found this Website Poem Generater.
I want full analyses from all of you.

misc etc.
navigate about the other
day. Somebody lied and easy design.
I think I have the
other day. Somebody lied and even remotely
I've added some pictures
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to further explore any avenue you get
all sticky with
Richard Gere really
I took pictures.


Dear, dear diary,
12:08 p.m.
In order to (finally) graduate in May I had to fulfill one more hour of credit outside the College of Mass Communications, and so I took Introduction to Philosophy with Dr. Robert Hood. Hey, who's gonna argue that a 100 level class has very little chance of sabotaging your GPA (one hopes). It was a class I always looked into come registering time, but of course, it would never fit into my schedule.

I'm thrilled to now have the oppurtunity to take it, because even after only three weeks the course has prompted a lot of thinking, and even meditating, on my part. I think I have been ready for a course like this for some time and all I needed was a green light to begin exploring all the multitudes of disciplines and religions that fall under the heading "philosophy."

I am also grateful that my professor has the skills and the time to create a web site that makes it effortless to turn in assignments and to further explore any avenue you find remotely intriguing.

And gods bless the man for his clean and easy design. I've found that good designers college professors do not make. (Excluding, of course those three design professors we've got on staff.)
But this site is easily navigatable, and does what a web site should do best: clearly relay information.

Speaking of excellent design, Matt finished up Aireline's web site. I'm gonna have to get Matt to teach me how to use Dreamweaver, cause his stuff looks badass.

I stumbled upon this FriendTest at and I couldn't resist building my own.

In ten questions discover: How well do you know Brittney?

Top score is a 100 and you can have the correct answers emailed back to you. Pretty nifty. And if you take the quiz, which you would be a fool not to, please let me know you did so by signing in the comment link below or using a name on the test I'll recognize.

I saw the Mothman Prophecies the other day. Somebody lied and told me this is scary. Instead, it is cloaked in mediocrity. (Although the Lao Tsu claims that embracing one's mediocrity is the Way to inner peace, but I digress, since that's really all I know...
I was mildly entertained--I think I was mostly holding out hope for the ending--but i ask you, how scary can anything with Richard Gere really be?

[P.S. I've changed the test to ten questions, so David, whoever you are (Did you guess your way to a good score 'cause I don't a know a David--not one that knows me that well anyway...), sorry about deleting your score of 52 out of 60. Let's see if I can't stump you with ten questions instead of six, eh?] comment

Rain, rain went away.
07:20 p.m.
Right now in the middle of town, police are directing traffic around this small lake that has accumulated on one of the busiest streets in Murfreesboro.

Today was the first day for sun all week long. I welcomed it completely. I spent the last two days a little depressed. The weather was deadful and non-stop. It caused the interstates to jam up and my hair to frizz up and I basically felt like butt.

Rather than throw a teeny tantrum whilst sitting in gridlock traffic, in the rain, I took pictures.

Thursday morning, this was my view for more than an hour:

This was my driveway:

And just so you get the full effect, more rain:

Also, I've added some pictures to Shutter to Think, and
if you've got a sweet tooth, refrain from clicking below:


For your consideration:

USS Clueless
Wil Wheaton dot net

Oh, and I'm thrilled to say it isn't that I've been to lazy to update my layout, I am still 100% smoke free. Only one relapse in 6 weeks.


Get all sticky with it.
12:18 p.m.
Here's some food for thought: i was a 20-something dethroned dotcom ceo that went to work the counter at mcdonald's.

Hello Kitty has no mouth, but hey, cocaine goes up your nose! [via usr/bin/girl]

Movies featured at Sundance I'm dying to see:

Run Ronnie Run
Killing Time
Love Liza

Oh, and I saw The Anniversary Party last night. Don't bother. Really. I turned it off with only 10 more minutes left to go. It's a stinker.

I want to go to this, but I'm a little wary about the other festivalers. I mean, what kind of weirdo flies to Washington to watch an old t.v. show for around $600?
See what I mean?

I'm not gonna hold my breath, but could this rumor be even remotely true?

And lastly, according to this medieval vocational personality test, I am a Dreamer/Minstrel. Of course...


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