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02:41 p.m.
Happy Birthday Brandon! half way to 50 is also half way to zero. it is all in the perspective. :)

12:30 a.m.
i've decided to get off my ass and make this summer worthwhile. no more sleeping til noon, then drinking in talk shows with just enough time for a shower before work. nope, i'm taking charge of my time, as well as my brain and hopefully my future.

i bought a book on javascript. i know this may not sound like a big deal to you webmasters who've mastered it, but give a girl a break. i bought JavaScipt Goodies (but paid the cover price dammit) and it has been pretty easy to follow so far. i've learned some of the basics and a few neat tricks--however, i must learn restraint in the execution. i know how ugly and annoying over used javascript can be.

i'm extremely eager to not only learn, but to master the language. i've found that javascript is pretty logical, you can build on to or tear down much of the code using common sense.

anyhow, you can see what i've done so far at my new personal page misc.etc., (yeah, it has the same name--so what?). what you see is likely under heavy construction, so be sure to check back every once in a while (if you even care :)

okay, back to the book...

03:20 p.m.
the film geek in me has made a list. of movies i have not seen, but *should* see. my list is currently 125 titles long. i've rated each film on cinematic importance and by my personal interest in viewing it. each on a scale of one to five, with each rating given equal weight. i've then combined the scores to assign a final number to each picture. from this list, i will see the film with the highest ranking first, working my way through the entirety of the list.
the ultmiate movie rental guide.
this may seem obsessive, and i won't deny what is obvious, but it is my attempt to become as well versed in the study of film as is possible. have i mentioned i want to be a film critic?
it is of the utmost importance that a film critic have as varied and deep a knowledge of motion pictures as possible. this is my goal.
sad but true.
in researching the films i included, i stumbled across this page. it was a tremendous help and i found the authors film critiques and commentary engaging. i'm quite glad i found his site.

i have since seen the first film on my list. Blue Velvet (see tribute picture at left). I had seen bits and pieces before, but never from start to finish. it was spooky and satisfying. i intend to see all of David Lynch's pictures, as i thoroughly enjoy his television series Twin Peaks.

next up for viewing:
Boys Don't Cry
Annie Hall
Thelma And Louise
Clockwork Orange
Doctor Strangelove

all of these are tied with a score of 9.

want to see more of this insanity? this is the entire list (so far) that include the final score for each.

02:57 p.m.
where to begin...

seems my world has been turned on its ear, so to speak. one of my co-workers, someone i would consider an acquaintance is gone. he's disappeared.
I'll call him T., for the sake of saving his anonymity, and quite possibly his ass...
T. has(d) a girlfriend, (let's call her C.) and they've been dating around two years and have been living together for at least one of them. they both work with me at the restaurant (where it is like "Days of Our Lives", i swear to god) and wait tables as well as tend the bar. they are(were) an average couple, he close to 30, she in her early 20s, both attending the local unviersity and seemingly a happy duo.
Friday night C. opens the bar, which puts her there at around 2 p.m., and T. was to close the bar, scheduled to arrive at 5.
C. and i chat it up before work, the usual co-worker gabbing, and she tells me that she and T. will likely see a movie this week and that he is to go golfing with her parents on Saturday (yesterday).
(i know you're wondering where this could be going but hang with me on this...)
5 o'clock rolls around...no T. Perhaps he's late, it wouldn't be the first time. T. has been known to straggle in 5 or 10 minutes late, and no one thinks a thing about it.
6 turns into 7 and still no sign of T. C. is beginning to get worried. They had been together all day before she came in and he'd made no plans of heading out of town before his shift. it couldn't possible be traffic. he lives only 10 minutes away.
so the bar is getting busier and we're missing a bartender. my mangaer goes to the office and begins calling hospitals and the highway patrol. i find this a little extreme, but ya know, whatever...
no T. in any of the county's hospitals or no wrecks to speak of. C. leaves work to find out what the hell is going on.

C. call back to tell the manager lady that T. has left a note saying he will always love her, that "everything i put my hands on, i abuse", and that he has left the country.

word spreads like wildfire that T. has up and left. he's just *gone*! everyone is in a state of disbelief. including me. when i was told what the note said, a chill ran up my spine and the hair on my arms stood up.

C. is hystercial and takes off to the airport to try to find him. no luck.
she calls back saying that he has packed in a hurry, taking only a few days worth of clothes in a bag (no suitcase) leaving behind essentials like his contact case/solution and all his toiletries. T.'s mother is called and she knows nothing of his whereabouts. she too is understandably upset.
the newest developments on this story is that T. had been roller bading that same day, so it is obvious his plans were last minute. C. did some backtracking on their computer and found that he had been researching job oppurtunities in Mexico as well as apartments.

my first thought was that he had left C. and just wanted a new life, and that he was "getting out" in a cowardly fashion. turns out, i'm fairly naive.
everyone else believes that T. was in huge gambling debt, as he was visibly shaken when LA won the basketball championships.
never in my wildest dreams could i believe that T. would get himself into that kind of a mess. it is very possible he is running for his life. and now C. may be in danger if his bookie or whatever bad man T. owes money to comes looking for him.
i am astonished. simply amazed at this turn of events. my heart goes out to C. and i hope T. is safe from harm.


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