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02:21 a.m.
after work tonight some of us were sitting at the bar having our respective alcoholic drinks of choice (white wine for me) when one guy asked me what a blog was. he'd been to my site, it seemed, and was lost as to what that meant.
i tried my best to explain it, but my definition didn't do "blogs" justice.

so just in case any of these handful of co-workers come to misc.etc., here's a pretty good description. and if you are one of said co-workers...welcome. if you are a weblog afficianado, well, overlook this post.

oh yeah, and i'm afraid my search for the meaning of weblogs wasn't extensive enough (it is 2:30 a.m. and there was chardonnay involved). so if any of you bloggers out there have better links, send them my way.

06:00 p.m.
i spent my day off lazy afternoon with a little herbal refreshment. then i got on ebay (initially looking for roller blades) and looked up boobs, penis and britney spears.

by far the funniest on i saw was this britney spears fry pin. the award for most fetishistic listing goes to this one. and i just don't know what to say about this one.

01:32 p.m.
my university is by no means prestigious. i picked it because of a boy. (who, strangely enough works on the set of "Dawson's Creek" now somewhere in North Carolina...i think as a waiter) also, it is cheap.

my expected graduation date is May 2001...but it should be December 2000. I have 9 hours left to complete before all my required courses are finished (including my major--journlaism, and my two minors--women's studies and psychology). but i must take 16 hours of electives in order to recieve my diploma. this means that i will have to spend my hard earned money on a semester of classes i don't "need."

i wanted to take some cool stuff, like web design and black and white photography, but alas, the big blue screw says those hours must be taken outside the college of mass communications.

so here's my schedule for the fall:

Feature Writing
Mass Media Law
Mass Communications and Society
Women, Crime and Justice
Survey of Pop Culture
Introduction to Computers

er, concerning the 100 level computer class...i need an easy A.

proof i spend too much time at computer...just pulled corn flake from between F7 and F8 keys.

01:16 p.m.
if you are advanced and rich enough to have one of these, you'll probably want to do this.

~ ~ ~

i have always been a tad ashamed of my severe addiction to the real world and its less entertaining counterpart road rules.
i know it is a mindless and juvenile soap opera, but i never got into day time soaps or talk shows too much.

lots of otherwise normally intelligent and charismatic men watch wrestling. this corruption via television is truly a phenomenon.

but never have i been this enthralled with the show or any of its cast members. web celeb has fallen in love with a "real girl".

all i gotta say is good for him and he *is* only fifteen.

05:13 p.m.
i was gone, but now i'm back. in case you were wondering.

i moved (same city, different apartment, new roommate), went on vacation to visit my sister in Houton (pictures to follow shortly) and generally took a break from blogging and the computer in general. yep, it was a nice break.

i have tons of things i want to discuss and a possible redesign on the way. the cable modem is now squarely in place, no thanks to intermedia @home. (again, more on that later). i am also taking on the webcam project, attempting to broadcast live from my dining room without using someone else's software and design (i currently use camville, but as some of you have mentioned i never use because the program slows my computer to a near halt. any of you webcam broadcasters out there who have any suggestions on materials or sources for a beginner, let me know.

p.s. it is good to be back


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