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05:49 p.m.
for those of you who ever wondered who to pass to first or what to do if you break the bong: 420 Etiquette.
my personal favorite, for phrasing alone:
It is very impolite to hand someone an empty bowl, without notifying that person of its possible cashed-ness. A proper warning would be "Here ya go...I think it might be cashed."

getting uptight about who takes the first toke seems counterproductive to the point of smoking in the first place--relax, dudes!

05:40 p.m.
I am so terrible at updating i am unsure if i still have regular visitors.

i met a boy and my time online has dwindled to next to nothing. and just after i bought the domain. she is still coming, but how soon is all very relative.

i just wrote a silly essay in hopes of winning a Tivo. Seeing as how i have three fuzzy, buzzy channels now, this may be like heroin for the couch-potato in me.
somehow, i doubt i'll win. could be karma, could be the slap-happy essay.

02:55 p.m.
wow, am i out of the loop. seems tori amos had a baby. the dent used to be the first place i visited on my rounds.

i have been thinking i may have outgrown my obsession with the red-haired one, but now it is official.

good to know though that i am not the only one who was unaware. her label didn't even know.

anyhow, congrats tori and mark on your latest and most accomplished production, Natashya Lórien.

01:38 p.m.
"i died my hair red today"
--tori amos, "Take to the Sky"

03:53 p.m.
i finally did it. light years behind the rest of the web world, i purchased my own domain. is officially mine...and officially under construction. but do check back often because i should have it up and rolling in no time.

if any of you have any suggestions on creating my personal webpage (content, feedbackforums, design tips, criticisms, misc.etc.), be sure to let me know.

08:55 p.m.
fall semester is officially in full swing. man, did i take summer for granted...
my classes are pretty cake from what i can tell after two days.
my favorite is probably Survey of Popular Culture. it is taught by Sara Dunne, who also edits Studies in Popular Culture with her husband, Dr. Michael Dunne. He is the author of our text Metapop, a discussion of self-refferentiality in pop culture.

the class is an in-depth look at post-modern media and its effect on society.

...and it is pretty cool that we get to watch Seinfeld and the Simpsons in class...rumor has it we'll be watching a porno at the end of the semseter.


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