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04:33 p.m.
my birthday was terrific. the boy got me a very pretty yet practical coat in a greenish gray color that features a removable hood--for casual and dressy occasions. perfect choice (and fit I might add). I also got some highly lacey and impractical lingerie from Victoria's Secret. not for jogging but whoever said i jogged?

the boy took me out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants and to a movie (the best date in my opinion--anyone who says you cannot learn much about a person if you are both just watching a movie is nuts--you can learn alot).
we went to see Almost Famous after several weeks of putting it off. I was a little disappointed. Perhaps it is because i am not a huge rock-n-roll fanatic (gasp!) but mostly because I adored Jerry Maguire, and well, it just wasn't as good.
(That being said, let me express my sadness and disbelief that Jonathan Lipnicki is doing mayonnaise commercials. mayonnaise is an evil condiment.)

02:42 p.m.
happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear....meeee...happy...

sigh i really don't like gifts

12:12 a.m.
this offends me more than anything i've seen on the internet. not that i think it should come down, but still...sickening.

11:32 p.m.
I'll be voting for Nader, and you should too. And when he wins, i will stick my tongue out at all the gush and bore sheep who say i am throwing away my vote. I may be 23 on saturday, but i am still young enough to think i can make a difference.

10:38 p.m.
my sister, pictured at left, called me up to inform me that my guestbook wasn't working. i quickly told her that, no, it is just that no one has signed it since july and there is no need to be snide.
then she tells me that "uh-uh", she's tried signing it twice and her message never got posted.

so i got a new one (see evidence at right). so, er, i hate to beg, but why don't one of you guys sign it and we'll see how well the sucker works.
go on. do it. it gives me a happy.

so i had to take a couple of things off my wishlist 'cause mom and i celebrated my birthday early. i got Swingers and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, as well as Bjork's Debut. Why haven't I linked to these items here so you can see what the (early) brithday girl received? Because i shoulda had these staples of entertainment long ago. i am ashamed. ashamed and grateful. thanks mom.

I saw the Legend of Drunken Master Friday night at my local monolithic Carmike cinema. I had never before sat down to watch a Kung-Fu movie, and was planning on simply eating some oil-soaked popcorn and appeasing the boy. Funnily enough, I only yawned once. It wasn't half-bad. The fighting was obviously amazing, and of course the story was nothing to speak of but somehow it was enjoyable. "Down the hatch!"

I also took in Best in Show, as i am a *huge* fan of Waiting for Guffman (which, much to my hooray, is coming out on DVD and is rumored to have 2 hours of deleted scenes. if there is commentary from Christopher Guest, i may just buy a DVD player for that sole reason.), his second movie.
i was a little disappointed in Best in Show but still i snickered. no belly laughs, but that is okay. snickers are very good. I think that it will likely be much better on subsequent viewings. I can already tell it is ripe with quotable quotes for the picking.

10:25 p.m.
i am beginning to think i am sick. friday night, just before my roommate jessica and i went to the counting crows/live concert, i had a spell.
i was curling my hair when all of the sudden i couldn't breathe. my heart was racing and my hands began to shake uncontrollably.
i decided i needed some fresh air, since our little townhouse doesn't get much of a breeze on the second floor.
outside i have a smoke, thinking it may calm my nerves. no such luck. things begin to worsen.
i run to the fridge for water and can barely hold the pitcher. i am frozen with terror.

i take a seat at the dining room table and begin to close my eyes, but they keep fluttering like crazy. it seems to me as though i'm blinking really quickly...turns out i wasn't.

jessica comes down to check on me (i may have called out for her) and starts to freak out. she says my eyes were rolled back in my head and it looked as though i was having a mild seizure.
my first thought was to call an ambulance--i was scared and couldn't breathe and didn't know what the hell was wrong.
being a nutrition major, she did the first thing she could think of and told me to eat something right away.

a bowl of cinnamon Life later i was just fine.
i have a pending doctor's appointment to check for hypoglycemia.

all things considered, we had a pretty good time at the concert. live was marginally good, but they aren't my favorite angst-y group ever. the highlight of their set was dennis rodman coming out during a cover of an eminem song.

counting crows had lower energy in their set, but i prefer their poetic lyrics to live's anthemic stuff. they played "colorblind" followed by "anna begins" as their first two numbers. ecstatic. must say money well spent.

did i mention dennis rodman was there?


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