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04:18 p.m.
i went to see a matinee of Bounce yesterday afternoon by myself. i shouldn't have--and thank god i didn't take someone along. the story was okay and the performances weren't bad, but the dialogue was just stale.

07:29 p.m.
the boy got a playstation 2 which, as i'm sure you all know, also serves as a DVD player. i bought him his first DVD on ebay, Clerks, his favorite movie.
He has considerably fattened his DVD collection (hooray for that--I don't even have cable), including Mallrats (who Kevin Smith has since apologized for, although the audio commentary makes it a worthy buy) and Chasing Amy (my favorite Smith movie, behind Clerks, of course--but you knew that).

He hasn't gotten Dogma yet, because according to View Askew's site it hasn't been released yet. (Ok, it says 2000, but that is an obvious mistake)

Today was the first time I'd ever gone to the View Askew web site and damned it if I was not impressed.
Kevin Smith makes an obvious effort to communicate with his fans by way of the site and there is tons of well organized information, essays, games and merchandise.

Lucky for me, I noticed Jay and Bob's Silent Stash. The boy noted the other day after rewatching Dogma on VHS, that he wished he had a "snoogans" hat. I found this highly amusing and set out on a mission (since the poor boy has no internet access). Well, whadaya know, I found it and also grabbed up the Buddy Christ dashboard statue.
I'll be getting back rubs for a week.

p.s. ssssh! it is a surprise.

p.p.s. this is the latest entry from Kevin Smith about the making of his last installment of the New Jersey series entitled (tentatively) VA5: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It is hilarious, especially the part abot Ben Affleck.


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